Dr. Cynthia Jean Furr was a professor at Winthrop University and the Minister of Music at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church. To me she was just ‘Cindy’ my sister who I loved more than anything else in this world. Cindy was beautiful, talented, a giver to so many and a true mentor and friend to every child she ever taught. Cindy loved being a mommie and loved Mackie (McAllister Grier Furr Price) more than life itself. They both had the unbelievable ability to light up the world.

Cindy’s passions were teaching, singing and children. Cindy saw everyone as beautiful and having such potential. She was a dreamer and had the wonderful talent of making one strive for things unattainable, things only dreamed of, things one would be remembered for – forever.

On April 4, 2009, Cindy and Mackie were on their way to church when they were tragically killed. Cindy and the baby were my life. May Cindy and Mackie’s light continue to shine in the lives of others.

"You can be anything you want to be."